Fountain of Youth

West Palm Beach Centennial Fountain"Then the corner jets erupt and, seconds later, all 105 jets shoot up a misty and silver overture. The waters rise as high as 12 feet, fall to 3 and rise again, dancing in an $850,000.00 computerized cascade."

"It springs to life each day, luring children and nostalgic seniors. The centennial fountain’s waters also are the lifeblood of West Palm Beach’s downtown renewal."

West Palm Beach Centennial Fountain

Ron Hayes - Staff Writer
The Palm Beach Post
Sunday, July 23, 1995
Photos by Caroline E. Couig - Staff Photographer

A Bright Future for Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Magazine"Improvements to the historic Hollywood Broadwalk, a 2.5 mile pedestrian promenade that provides public access to the city’s Blue Wave certified beach are almost finalized…We’re making the necessary improvements so that Hollywood Beach can reach its potential, but we’re doing it very carefully to make sure the essential character doesn’t change…"

Hollywood Magazine article
Hollywood Magazine article Hollywood Magazine article

Laurie C. Battles
Hollywood Magazine
June/July 2007

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk Gets Ambitious Makeover

Hollywood 360 Magazine"The charm of Hollywood Beach’s pedestrian-friendly oceanfront Broadwalk has made it the town’s most popular area to congregate for more than 80 years…The $14 million Broadwalk renovation includes subtle multi-colored concrete pavers in the pedestrian area, a low decorative wall separating the Broadwalk from the sand…"

Hollywood 360 Magazine article

Hollywood 360 Magazine


"On behalf of the Board of Directors and the residents of Hampton House, I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service provided during the reconstruction of Hampton House. The professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail exhibited by your company during the process was an example of a very competent organization."

Philip Zammit, President
Hampton House Condominium Association

"I knew we had a tough job ahead of us – remodeling our old offices and constructing a new office/warehouse addition all while maintaining our current business operations on site…I decided to work with Marion Construction due to your history of paying attention to detail and thorough planning, as I felt these attributes were critical to the success of this project…At the end of the job…we were on time and within the budget. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome."

Doug Santoro, President
General Plumbing, Inc.

"…We have received numerous compliments and/or inquiries as to who we used for our office remodeling and have gladly recommended Greg Marion and Marion Construction, Inc."

Tracey Sharpe, Esquire
Roca & Sharpe, Attorneys at Law

"On behalf of Fidelity Federal, I want to personally inform you how pleased we are with your organization's performance on the Fox Property branch office you just recently constructed for us."

Daniel Turk, Senior Vice President
Fidelity Federal Bank

"I wanted to write to thank you for your excellent work on my office build-out…I met with Marion to discuss my situation (lease cancelled because the building had been sold) on a recommendation from my bank and other dentists (with whom) you had done previous buildings…Your office went over my plans meticulously…you made excellent suggestions that my architect missed…Due to your company’s professionalism and excellent performance, my office was completed on time, a little under budget and with very few changes…(I) just wanted to tell you that you do live up to your reputation as the best builder in town."

John R. Jordan, DMD

Because all bids were over budget:

"You took the time to prepare a list of suggestions for the architect reflecting changes that could be made for potential cost savings. As I recall, this list exceeded thirteen pages…By providing these services for us, we were able to construct a very similar project and realize substantial cost savings as well."

Daniel Turk, Senior Vice President
Fidelity Federal Bank

"…despite adverse weather conditions, your organization managed to complete the project on time and within the budget."

Daniel Turk, Senior Vice President
Fidelity Federal Bank

"In addition to his technical expertise and enthusiasm for perfection, Mr. Marion demonstrated an unmatched willingness to work with the client to achieve their vision of a dream beach house."

Frank Navarro, Architect

"Perhaps the most important aspect of this project was not what was expected in regard to the rebuilding of Hampton House, but rather the compassion and caring attitude… for the residents of Hampton House in their unfortunate experience of having their homes destroyed." (by Hurricane Francis)

Philip Zammit, President
Hampton House Condominium Association

"I believe that Mr. Marion’s dedication to the building profession along with his obviously diversified experience in the business, place him in the top 1% of general contractors in Palm Beach County."

Frank Navarro, Architect

"I had the pleasure of working with Greg Marion on renovations made to our law offices. The work was done in a very professional manner without, in any way, jeopardizing the quality…"

George Supran, Esquire
Sellars, Supran, Cole, Marion & Bachi, P.A.

"Greg handled the design—including the selection of materials, the building’s placement on the site, the architectural theme and (he) coordinated and approved all phases of the architecture and construction, right down to the last detail."

Dr. Karl Foose, Owner
Paradiso Project

"The quality of construction is unmatched on the Dixie Highway corridor and many of the residents of this city have complimented me on the design of the building. Many believe it to be the finest structure on Dixie Highway."

Dr. Karl Foose, Owner
Paradiso Project

“…many months before commencement of construction, you were with us to guide us in a 'realistic' wish list…You were also helpful in the navigation of difficult easement and setback issues…"

Pat & Jerry Spencer, Homeowners

"Thank you so much for your contribution to our Public Television project. You and your crew gave 110%…If ProSource gave out an annual Most Valuable Member award, you’d definitely deserve it!"

Sari Carder, Director of Advertising
ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings

"His integrity and honesty are without question…he has always shown he had the interest of the client and the project as his first priority."

Edson Dailey Jr, Architect

"…Greg Marion was instrumental in the timely completion of the town fountain and the plaza (town square) at the West Palm Beach Public Library…"

Richard Pittman, P.E.
Assistant Director for Engineering
West Palm Beach Engineering & Public Works

"We found Marion Construction, Inc. to be very experienced and knowledgeable in matters regarding construction as well as the management of projects, personnel and subcontractors…(MCI) pays attention to details and has continually met budget and schedule constraints."

Daniel Canovan, Vice President
MPA Architects, Inc.

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