Our History

Greg Marion, our founder and President of Marion Construction, Inc., is a third generation native of West Palm Beach with 25 years of construction experience.

Greg MarionWhile President of his Senior Class at Forest Hill High School, Greg worked for a hardware company during the school year and worked as a carpenter for a construction company during the summer. While enrolled at Palm Beach Junior College, Greg continued to work in the field during summers and holidays.

Aspiring to become an architect like his father, Greg enrolled in the College of Architecture for four years while attending the University of Florida before graduating from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s degree in construction technology. He continued gaining experience in the field as an assistant superintendent by working summers for a local general contracting firm.

Upon graduating college, he returned to West Palm Beach and was employed by the same general contractor as a project manager. He spent seven years honing his skills while managing many large commercial, public and private projects.

On January 24th, 1994, Marion Construction, Inc. was founded. Although a young company, its founder and CEO was not the first family member in the industry. The Marion family has produced many generations of construction-related craftsmen ranging from architects, engineers, master carpenters, plumbers and mill workers, as well as general contractors. More than 93 years of combined construction experience renders Marion Construction, Inc. one of Palm Beach County’s most affluent general contracting firms. Our scope of work continues to be diversified through our years of experience in both the private and public sector, specializing in custom luxury homes, commercial buildings, and light industrial projects.

In addition to our rich construction heritage, our firm enjoys business relationships with some of West Palm Beach’s pioneering families—the area's oldest and most seasoned contractors and suppliers, some of whom are:

Our ability to couple the appropriate subcontractors and suppliers with our clients and their projects is one of the keys to our success. With rapid advancements in technology and construction materials, many areas of construction have become highly specialized. Recognizing those phases of construction that require highly specialized craftsman and having relationships with the appropriate tradesmen needed to perform these tasks is a large part of what makes our projects successful.

Since our inception, we have focused on establishing relationships, not only with our clients, but with those with whom we work daily. We have a reputation for treating our subcontractors and suppliers fairly and we pay timely. Subsequently, Marion Construction receives “favorable pricing” which is ultimately passed on to our customers. Our clients benefit from our relationships, our excellent credit history and our sterling reputation throughout the construction community. Marion Construction benefits by having a fully satisfied client who is happy to refer us in the future!

When looking for a firm to help you realize your construction plans, consider what Marion Construction, Inc. has to offer—a broad-based knowledge of construction, many successful construction experiences, excellent relationships within the construction industry and a desire to continue building projects with the greatest attention to detail. We believe we can create a positive and beneficial experience for you.

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