Implant Innovations Inc - PSR Manufacturing Facility and R&D

MCI constructed a manufacturing area within the "3i" campus that provides dental implants for "Patient Specific" requirements, whereby patients require dental applications away from the normally mass-produced implants.

This area is highly specialized, utilizing high-tech computer-aided design modeling systems, a laboratory and specialized R&D equipment. Time constraints were critical as this department was being transplanted from another location within the campus to allow for the delivery and implementation of additional manufacturing equipment.

Marion Construction completed the expedited project on time, within budget, all while maintaining sanitary laboratory conditions during construction. Provisions were required in the new construction to accommodate existing equipment to be relocated, and downtime was required to be at an absolute minimum in order not to jeopardize a reverse osmosis sterilizing process used in manufacturing of their products.

This project will be submitted in consideration for the 2008 Build Florida Award presented by the Associated General Contractors of America.

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