Paradiso Professional Center - West Palm Beach FL

This Mediterranean Revival building was a pioneering Design / Build project constructed on the Dixie Highway Corridor. Marion Construction was responsible for the site plan approval process, landscape design, building design, permitting, F.D.O.T. approvals, engineering design approvals, and construction of this 10,000 SF project.

Its design incorporates Mediterranean elements, such as true and elliptical arches, ornamental cast stone appointments, hand-made terra-cotta roof tile imported from Guatemala, Cypress soffits and outlookers, a fountain, courtyard, stone and tile niches, re-used brick pavers, and tropical landscaping.

The building was positioned on the site as close to Dixie Highway as allowed, with parking provided in the rear, in an effort to maximize storefront exposure.

AGCThe project was nominated for the 2006 Build Florida Award, presented by the Associated General Contractors of America.

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